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“MistTime update brings additional flexibility to your misting program”

by Graeme Hammer
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“We want growers to be able to add flexibility to their misting program, which is why we updated our MT-10 MistTime to allow for two valves to be active at one time and adjusted the minimum interval”, says Kurt Becker with Dramm. 

The MistTime 10 is a well-known solution of Dramm. “The output misting controller offers advanced features in a basic control,” Kurt shows. “The Dramm MT10 MistTime offers mist curves and temperature influence for up to 10 zones of propagation or mist cooling.”

The MistTime has four modes of operation: it can operate cyclically on a 24-hour basis, between certain hours, above a set temperature, or based on time and temperature. Additionally, a manual cycle for any valve can be run at any time, with the controller reverting back to the last program immediately afterwards. According to the team with Dramm, the MistTime is easy to program and very flexible. 


The recent update, enabling MT-10 MistTime to allow for two valves to be active at one time and adjust the minimum interval, brings additional flexibility, Kurt says. “The cycle was changed to allow for a 10-second minimum interval between cycles up to 12 hours maximum.” 

Growers should ensure to have enough water to supply both valves if they use this feature. “The unit has a 24v, 6 VA output current. Ensure that each valve requires less than 3 VA if operating simultaneously.”

He adds the company makes any update for the software available for free to their customers. The HQX file for the new update can be downloaded here.

The MistTime is programmable in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. This manual offers native language support.


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