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Italian datterino tomatoes in the spotlight

by Graeme Hammer
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A large number of tomato growers, cultivation technicians, and plant breeders recently attended the ‘Datterino Tybello F1 Open Day’ held at Vitalunga, a cultivation company located a few kilometers from the sea in the Sicilian municipality of Scoglitti. More than 200 participants visited the Esasem test greenhouse and spoke with the team of this Italian seed company.

The event saw a great number of participants

The tomato with the highest performance is currently the Datterino, one of the most popular Italian products both on a domestic and international scale. The consumer market for quality tomatoes is becoming increasingly demanding, with taste and shelf life being the aspects most valued by consumers and the entire supply chain.

Tomatoes on the plant


 Tybello F1

Giuseppe Agnello, Esasem breeder, said of Tybello F1, Esasem’s new datterino, that the mini plum tomato should be planted in Sicily starting in mid-August. “Tybello has a great fruit setting capacity at high temperatures. The plant has short internodes and good leaf coverage. The clusters are long and firm, and the tomatoes do not crack. In addition, the resistance spectrum of this tomato is extensive, including resistance to TYLCV and tomato yellow leaf virus. We have noticed that Tybello is able to provide qualitative and quantitative continuity, even in the presence of other viruses,” said Agnello.

Giuseppe Agnello

“The quality and production capacity of Tybello F1 remains consistent throughout the harvest cycle, but it is the taste that makes the real difference,” explained Giovanni Denaro, area manager for the Italian Islands at Esasem. “For this new product, the Esasem team has been inspired by the Lobello F1 datterino tomato, a flavor reference both in Italy and abroad and winner of the ‘Taste of the Year’ award in Spain for the fourth consecutive year in 2022.”


“Thanks to their long shelf life, our Datterino tomatoes are very suitable for any type of processing. Excellent research work has been done. Tybello F1 completes the Esasem range of tasty Datterino tomatoes. We thank the entire Esasem team for their work and everyone who took part in our technical day,” concluded Denaro.


Giovanni Denaro (first from right) leading a group of visitors through the greenhouse


Tybello resistance package: HR: Fol 0.1; ToMV 0-2. IR: TYLCV, Ma, Mi, Mj.


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