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In Pakistan, Around 37% Of The Population Is Struggling To Get Food

by Waseem Iqbal
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Pakistan is not getting proper food

The economic condition of Pakistan is getting worse day by day. A new report reveals that about 37 percent of the population of Pakistan is not getting proper food, forcing them to fight for common needs every day.

Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi, president of the Women’s Parliamentarian Forum in the Balochistan Legislative Assembly, disclosed peoples’ condition in the country and expressed concern about the future.

He said that at least 37 per cent of Pakistan’s population is malnourished, while in Balochistan the proportion of malnutrition has reached nearly 50 per cent, a far worse condition.

According to Express Daily, a nutrition survey has revealed that more than a third of children in Pakistan are malnourished. Most of such children are from Sindh and Balochistan provinces.

Dr. Rubaba Khan Buledi told that the Balochistan crisis is over and the World Health Organization is helping in this regard.

He informed that a center is also being established with the help of WHO to take care of children suffering from malnutrition in Balochistan.


Buledi said that the biggest reason for malnutrition is poverty and lack of resources. People don’t have work.

According to the United Nations (UN), around 500,000 people faced a food emergency in Pakistan’s Balochistan province in July 2021. Buledi said that at present 5 lakh people in Pakistan are facing food crisis or emergency.

Not only this, apart from this, about 1 lakh people in Pakistan are in need of life-saving assistance immediately.

He said that due to drought and water scarcity in the country, crops are also getting ruined and due to lack of agriculture, there is also a shortage of livestock.


Talking about Sindh province of Pakistan, this province is struggling with basic facilities like drinking water, education, medicine. Thar district is the worst affected.


According to media reports, at present, people in Thar district of Sindh province are facing a tough time to get clean drinking water.


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