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In Hyderabad, Bayer Conducts Its First Drone Trial In Agriculture

by Waseem Iqbal
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Bayer Conducts Its First Drone Trial

Bayer CropScience Ltd on Tuesday said it has conducted its first drone trial at its multi-crop breeding centre in Chandipa, near Hyderabad.

Sharing a message on this occasion, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said: I’m really happy to learn that Bayer is organising a pilot project on the use of drones in agriculture”.

India is making giant strides in technology and digitalisation, and adopting these for enhancing agricultural purposes is a step forward in the government’s efforts to provide a strong impetus to farmers’ prosperity, the company quoted the minister as saying in a statement.

The minister said that usage of drones in agriculture will revolutionise farm operations and empower our farmers, especially the smallholders with information and applications that will help them enhance their yields and income in the long run.

“I appreciate Bayer’s efforts in early adoption of this technology for the growth and transformation of agriculture in India and convey all my good wishes,” he added.

Bayer has partnered with innovative drone startup General Aeronautics Pvt Ltd and conducted several in-house and external R&D trials with universities and central research institutions to generate data to make drone-based services available to farmers.


Based on the initial achievements of drone farming, growers may be able to explore the technology’s capabilities in aiding paddy, corn, sugarcane, wheat, vegetables, fruits and plantation crops and harvests in the future, the statement said.

Such innovations can shape the roadmap of sustainable farming in India while spurring smallholder support and food security, it added.

Bayer CropScience Ltd CEO and Managing Director D Narain said, “Drone applications are operating in other small farmer countries in Asia and have the potential to deliver significant value to smallholders in India, as well as for the economy and the planet”.

The company is proud of the results of its drone trial in Hyderabad. It showcases the potential of the future of farming, he added.


Source: Business Standard


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