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In 2021, Spain was the country that achieved the most income for its pepper exports

by Graeme Hammer
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Last year, Spain was the world’s leading exporter of pepper by value, recovering the place that it had lost to Mexico in the last two years.

According to the data from Hortoinfo, world pepper exports amounted to 5,476 million euros in 2021. Spanish pepper exports totaled 1,339.7 million euros, accounting for a quarter of the world total (24.46%). They were followed by Mexico with 1,292.7 million euros and the Netherlands with 938.27 million euros.

The total amount of pepper exported in 2021 stood at 3,931.59 million kilos in terms of volume. Mexico and Spain alone exported 2,111.77 million kilos of peppers last year, i.e., more than half of the world’s total (53.71%).

Mexico exported 1,220.17 million kilos and Spain 891.6 million kilos. The Netherlands exported 433.05 million kilos, Turkey 190.33 million kilos, Canada exported 174.9 million kilos and Morocco 159.82 million kilos.


The Netherlands was the top-ten biggest pepper-exporting country that obtained the best price for its pepper exports, as the country sold them for 44.18% more in value than did Spain. Last year, the Netherlands exported its peppers at an average price of €2.17/kg, while Spain exported them at €1.5/kg. Mexico sold them at €1.06/kg, while Turkey and Morocco sold them at €0.88/kg.

Mexico shipped almost all of its pepper exports (98.43%) to the US.

Germany was the Spanish pepper’s main destination with 280.9 million kilos. It was followed by France with 127.07 million kilos, the United Kingdom with 122.09 million kilos, the Netherlands with 80.72, and Italy with 62.02 million kilos.

Spain, in turn, is the largest customer for Moroccan peppers, accounting for 36.59% of Moroccan pepper exports.


The Netherlands exported 143.27 million kilos of pepper to Germany, 89.09 to the United Kingdom, 29.81 to Belgium, 29.04 to Poland, and 22.95 million kilos to Sweden.




Source: hortoinfo.es 

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