Important Horticulture MCQs For Ensured Success | Practice Live Test

Horticulture is divided into three branches and MCQs are dealt with in these branches. More than 10% of MCQs in agricultural entrance exams come from horticulture.


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1. During storage of vegetable seeds, seed moisture should be
2. In Pakistan, vegetables for seed production are harvested by:
3. Most of following category crops are shallow rooted
4. Water melon for seed should be harvested when
5. Mulches are mainly used to reduce:
6. The poorest seed storage capacity is in:
7. Removal of off type plants from a seed field is termed as:
8. Deep rooted vegetables require:
9. Isolation during seed production is done by:
10. Nitrates are absorbed at pH below ___________:
11. Ginger is commonly cultivated as:
12. Most of the hybrid watermelon and cucumber are:
13. In anemophilous plants, pollens are disseminated by means of:
14. Male sterily is not due to
15. For hybrid seed production _______ flowers are completely suppressed on female plants.
16. Recommended cucumber cultivars under tunnel production technology are:
17. Hybrid vigor in vegetables is manifested by
18. Seed production in biennial vegetables is mostly done by:
19. Potato is generally propagated through
20. What type of mulches reduce soil temperature?
21. In pollen development Gametocides induces a problem of:
22. The most common pollinator insect in Pakistan is
23. Celery and lettuce at high temperature become:
24. Cross pollination in plants bearing bisexual flowers is due to
25. Cross pollination is essential in following type of vegetables.
26. Excessive soil moisture, late in the season cause?
27. The most important seed component affecting seed /viability during storage is:
28. Production of seeds without fertilization is termed as:
29. The edible part of potato is?
30. Nature of pollination in cucurbits is:

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