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1. Cereals grown on saline culture show________ colour in leaves when plant approach maturity.
2. Which one is not a practice of controlling water erosion?
3. The surface area of _____ soil particle is high.
4. Among the following the most salt tolerant crop is________.
5. Low infiltration in fine textured soils results in _______.
6. Most salt tolerant fodder is_______.
7. EC for alkaline soils is less than _____ mmhos/cm.
8. Which one is not the method for eradication of water logging?
9. The particle with 0.05 to 0.5 mm in diameter move by _____.
10. Final condition of soils after tillage have been performed is called _______.
11. One cusec is equal to ______ gallons.
12. Soluble salts are less than 0.2% in_______.
13. Which one is not a practice of water conservation?
14. Downwards movement of water within soil is called ______.
15. The soils containing more clay particles are ______ to water erosion.
16. Soil texture refers to
17. ___________ = % sand + % silt % clay
18. There are _____ link canals in Pakistan.
19. The soils having organic matter more than 50% are called _________.
20. Which one is not a type of soil movement by wind?
21. The process of removing the excess soluble salts or excess exchange sodium from soils is called ______.
22. Application of agronomic principle to the solution of soil and water management is called ________.
23. Which one is not the cause of Water Logging?
24. Barani area counts for ______ % of total area in Punjab.
25. Which one is not a type of water erosion?
26. The objective of tillage is to:
27. Clean tilled crops ______ erosion.
28. Most salt tolerant grass is________.
29. Saline sodic/sodic soils can be reclaim by using
30. Organic content of soil can be increased by growing ________.


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