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1. Most salt tolerant fodder is_______.
2. The objective of tillage is to:
3. Soluble salts are less than 0.2% in_______.
4. The particle larger than 1 mm in diameter _______.
5. Barani area counts for ______ % of total area in Punjab.
6. Exchangeable sodium per centage for saline soils is ______.
7. Cereals grown on saline culture show________ colour in leaves when plant approach maturity.
8. Which one is not a type of soil movement by wind?
9. Which one is not the local name of white alkali soils?
10. Organic content of soil can be increased by growing ________.
11. Among the following the most salt tolerant crop is________.
12. Most salt tolerant grass is________.
13. Which one is the form of wind erosion?
14. The top soil layer of ____ cm is considered the principle feeding zone of most of agricultural crops.
15. Which one is example of natural mulch?
16. The soils containing more clay particles are ______ to water erosion.
17. The strips laid along the counter at the right angle to the natural direction of the slope is called _______.
18. _______ is mechanical manipulation of soil to provide soil conditions suitable for crop growth.
19. There are _____ link canals in Pakistan.
20. Soil salinity cause ‘TIRAK’ in ______ crop.
21. One cusec is equal to ______ gallons.
22. Clean tilled crops ______ erosion.
23. Downwards movement of water within soil is called ______.
24. If salinity is up to ____ mmhos/cm its effect mostly negligible.
25. Soil texture refers to
26. Which one is not the method for eradication of water logging?
27. Which one is used to raise PH and correct the acidity of soils?
28. Which one is not the cause of Water Logging?
29. The velocity necessary to start the first particle moving is called _______.
30. PH of saline soils is usually _____.


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