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How Vodafone IoT technology is serving up the perfect strawberry at Wimbledon

by Graeme Hammer
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Hugh Lowe Farms has supplied all the strawberries to Wimbledon for nearly 30 years. Each year, more than 30 tons of strawberries are consumed by tennis fans at the event, so Hugh Lowe Farms’ operations must be as efficient as possible to meet the demand.

Vodafone’s IoT technology helps Hugh Lowe Farms grow the best quality crop and be as efficient as possible, ensuring they can meet the demand for over 1.5 million strawberries enjoyed each year by spectators, with more than 10,000 liters of fresh cream.

Strawberries are very susceptible to disease, and the technology means that the farm can make better decisions on how to apply controls to protect them. This means better and more sustainable growing conditions, resulting in a better quality of strawberry.

The strawberries need to arrive at The All England Lawn Tennis Club in the best possible condition, so Vodafone has also provided Hugh Lowe Farms with a new tracker which enables the farm to track the journey of the strawberries. The technology will locate each load that is going to Wimbledon and provide detailed feedback on temperature, collisions, and vibrations in the packaging.


“Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without strawberries!” said Nick Gliddon, Business Director, Vodafone UK. “And we’re excited to show the power of our technology to make a huge operation like this more efficient and reduce the impact on the environment.

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