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How To Grow Red Cabbage Microgreens? Tips & Tricks And Health Benefits

by Lynette Abbott
Red Cabbage Microgreens

Today we are gonna he enlightens you on how to grow red acre cabbage microgreens from start to finish. Aside from its health benefits, it has many other advantages. Vitamin C can be found in abundance in cabbage. Vitamin C content of this fruit is actually higher than oranges. It is a powerful antioxidant and repairs our aging bodies by reducing the effects of free radicals which are the most common causes of premature death.

Grow Red Cabbage Microgreens

Materials Needed to Grow Red Acre Cabbage Microgreens

  • Potting soil
  • Cabbage seeds
  • Growing trays and cover
  • Water mister
  • Coco Coire

1. The first thing you’re going to need is your red acre cabbage seeds which you can get from truly market. While choosing red acre cabbage seed it must be disease-free and have high germination potential. Therefore, you must buy it from some reputed seller to ensure a high yield.

2. You’re also going to need some form of measuring machine to weigh and measure your red acre cabbage seeds. Here you will use an old tablespoon which we usually don’t use because we have a scale but today, we’re gonna be using it to make it easier for you to apply the whole process using home tools.

3. Today you are also going to need Coco choir for growth medium with three different germinating trays.

  • The first tray will be a tray that has absolutely no holes.
  • The second tray will have holes because your medium is going to fill into these holes providing the growing environment to roots. This tray will help the roots to go through and go to your bottom tray and suck up the water.
  • Lastly, you are gonna need another tray that has absolutely no holes preferably a dark one. It is so because that’s gonna be acting top tray, fifty-four blackout.

Preparation of Growth Medium for Red Cabbage Microgreens

4. The major reason behind weighing the red acre cabbage seed and tray is so that you can get even germination across the whole tray. So now you have to measure them out so that 20 grams of seed can be used. Here, 20 grams of seed is roughly equal to two tablespoons as you are using a tablespoon as your measuring tool.

5. After this cocoa core is going to be a big thing because Coco core comes in a super-compact form and you are going to need something to break it. After breaking the compact you will have to add water and over time, you’ll see it just kind of rise up and it will actually like a kind of cool magic trick. You have to keep repeating this process until this whole compact breaks.

6. After completing the breaking, now you’re going to need is your tray that has the holes in it. Moreover, you can use your hands to begin putting the cocoa onto your tray. After that start spreading it and try to get it as even as possible.

7. So now your growth medium is added evenly into the tray and now you have to begin seating the red acre cabbage seed in the tray. To do this just try to evenly distribute seeds across your tray and make sure you don’t get any like big clumps because then you’re gonna have one dense-growing area which will overcrowd the tray and lose overall growth.


8. After that, you must mist your tray and seeds because this is gonna be a lot of its water source for the first few days. So, let’s get this nice and good all right.


Red Cabbage Microgreens


9. Now you have to take your tray that has seeds and move it on top of the tray that will later be used for bottom watering. However, right now there’s absolutely no water in this bottom tray and there won’t be water in this bottom tray until you start to get that point where you see roots in them.

10. Now for the very last step, you have to take the top tray to the other no-hole tray to set this right on top of the red acre cabbage seeds.

12. Now you have to need a big paver, 15 pounds, and gently put that on top and kept remain for the first four days. Then after that, we’re going to remove this brick and set it aside. and then you must clip the tray.

Blackout Period for Microgreens Growth

Now the next part of the blackout period. So, it is day one of our red Acre cabbage growing process.

13. Now you have to remove the brick and set it aside and then need to remove the 1st tray and set it aside as well but first remove fallen off seeds from the tray.

14. Now you have to lightly mist all the red acre cabbage seeds and make sure that they are saturated and that way it can continue to germinate evenly.

15. Now take the tray and put it back on top and take the brick and put this back on top as well. Now move it back to the shelf and check that twice a day to double-check to make sure that it still looks at rated and if it needs more water make a light mist to compensate the needs and repeat it for two days.

16. Now pull out red Acre cabbage, bring it back to the table and remove the brick carefully and then take off the top tray to make sure it’s no seeds on it this time. Now this time you will be happy to see that the germination is starting to happen.

17. Now you will have to do the same thing that you did yesterday. So right now, this has not rooted at all so you shouldn’t have to give it any more water and only have to do is take our misting bottle and give it a good mist. And now just like yesterday put this back on top and put the brick carefully back on top as well.

18. Later that night, do repeat the same things so that the water need must be fulfilled to ensure speedy growth.

19. On day three of the red acre cabbage germination pull down the tray and set it out on the floor and then have a look either you got a little bit of stuff grown on it or not. Hope the speed of germination will make you happy enough and keep you motivated.

Beginning of Germination

As the germination is now in a good shape and you can continue the process without worrying about being failed. Now take a peek underneath and see what’s going on.

Beginning of Germination

20. Today you must mist the tray lightly so that the roots don’t dry out turn brown. And put the tray back on top and grab the brick and put it back on very gently and put it all back on the shelf.

21. Repeat the same step 17 at night and mist the tray if needed.

22. On day four of the red acre cabbage and pull off the tray from the shelf and remove the brick and store it as you will not going to need it anymore. Pull off the tray as everything looks really good and be happy with all the germination.

21. Now there will be a little bit of a mist is needed at regular intervals to fulfill its need for water but not plenty of it. Along with misting try to turn over the blackout tray and mist it from below as well.

22. On day 5 of red acre cabbage pull off the trays of the shelf bring it over to check and see what it looking like under the blackout. Once you take it out of the blackout dome it tends to kind of just stay where it’s at and it doesn’t grow too much taller.

23. Now let’s check underneath and see everything’s looking good. Roots here not gonna begin bottom watering until it becomes out of blackout. Now keep continuing to lightly mist it and this way you don’t get any browning on the roof.

24. Now Keep repeating the same process of misting and keep a double check till day 6 and then start bottom watering because add the nutrient mixed up the water a 1/2 a cup. Now just start the bottom watering process and move over the tray to light.

25. After that start watering the trays regularly with ½ cup of water in the morning and at night and throughout the growth period. As they need more water to keep their germination speedy.

Dawn of Optimum Growth

Dawn of Optimum Growth

All right so today is day 7 of our red acre cabbage is growing. Now pull it off the shelf and take it over to our handy dandy table again. So, hope everything will look great as it was in the light it must begin to get a true color which will look super pretty at the end.

26. Now keep adding the bottom water as per the needs of the plants and soil.

27. On day 9 of red acre cabbage pull off the tray from the shelf again and double-check just like previous you did and water it according to its needs. Keep the water concentration to 1/2 or a little under a cup this will make things streamline however, it can vary according to the needs and condition.

28. Keep repeating the same process till day 13 when you going to start harvesting the red acre cabbage microgreens.

Time to Harvest Your Microgreens

On day 13 of red acre cabbage microgreen growing, today is going to be harvest day. Therefore, brought this over to your table and keep the whole setup already so that you can start your harvest quickly.

Today you will notice some areas where the microgreens started to separate from each other which means they have started to get too tall. So, this will indicate that this is the right time to go ahead and harvest the top.

You can take out a sharp knife, a scale, and a bowl to start the harvest. Now lightly grab the microgreens you don’t have to put a lot of pressure on them. Take your sharp knife and glide easily through the microgreens without putting a lot of pressure just go smoothly through it.

Time to Harvest Your Microgreens

While harvesting you can notice a little bit of late-blooming going on which that just means some within the canopy are shorter than the rest of them. This would be because they will be a little bit behind on germinating.

Moreover, do not harvest super close to the bottom of the tray the reason for this because you can again use the Coco Coire medium in your germinations.

Another good way to understand your crop after you’ve harvested, see if anything is going on that you didn’t catch because by looking at roots. There are some things which you can’t normally see like there’s usually some areas where it’s just super brown and spots and that can be caused by overwatering or other things. So, it is good to check out your roots and keep them in mind during future germination.

Health Benefits of Red Acre Cabbage Microgreen

Red cabbage microgreens provide several health benefits, a few of which are listed below.

  • A microgreen containing vitamin C boosts your immunity.
  • Alzheimer’s could be prevented by red cabbage microgreens.
  • Assist in reducing ulcer and cancer risks.
  • Beneficial for digestion.
  • Cardiovascular disease risks can be reduced by red cabbage microgreens.
  • Constipation is treated with this remedy.
  • Contains anti-inflammatory chemicals.
  • Detoxifies the blood.
  • Dietary supplements that promote weight loss.
  • Ensures proper nerve cell function.
  • Heals damaged tissues and wounds.
  • Ingestion of microgreens containing vitamin U can improve digestion.
  • It combats carcinogens that are ingested or inhaled and prevents cancer tumor growth when red cabbage is consumed or eaten.
  • It prevents cancer by containing substances called glucosinolates.
  • Keeps your eyes healthy.
  • Maintains normal blood pressure.
  • Osteoporosis prevention.
  • Prevents and reduces Alzeimer’s disease.
  • Provides a means of eliminating toxins.
  • Reduces pain by providing relief.
  • Stop cancer cells from growing.
  • Triglyceride levels were reduced by red cabbage microgreens.

We hope that we can guide you through this whole process easy and that it was easy to understand as well. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below and we will try to answer them as precisely as possible.

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