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Growth of tomato plant in floating raft aquaponics system

by Graeme Hammer
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The present paper elucidated the growth of a tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plant in the floating raft aquaponics system. In this experiment, the tomato seedlings were transplanted in an aquaponics unit with the help of a thermocoal cup and floating sheet, which were grown up for 60 days.

Based on stocked fish species fingerlings in 400 L capacity clean and disinfected circular tanks, the experiment was categorized into two treatments (T1 tomato plant with rohu fish and T2 tomato plant with tilapia fish) in 10 replications. During the present study, the important plant growth parameters, including net length gain, shoot length, and root length were measured while the total number of leaves was counted.

The findings of the present study on growth parameters like net length gain (11.880 and 8.886 cm), shoot length (10.521 and 6.053 cm), root length (5.900 and 4.269 cm), and increment in leaves number (12 and 10) were noted in T1 and T2 respectively. On the basis of these findings, it can be concluded that the tomato plant was healthy, and plant growth was satisfactory in both treatments. This also concluded that the aquaponics system could be the alternative to food and sustainable vegetable production system.

Read the complete research at www.researchgate.net.


Ujjania, Vikas & Ujjania, N. & Sharma, Bhanu. (2022). Growth of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plant in floating raft aquaponics system. 

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