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Greendomo Project: Gateway to Sustainable Agriculture

by Abdul Rehman
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Spain: All-time desert of Almeria in south-eastern Spain is today’s sea of ​​green-house and Europe’s orchards. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, intensive cultivation of greenhouses have brought fertility to the region and developed opportunities for growing vegetables and fruits.


A group of innovative companies working with both the Spanish Spring Innterconecta program and the Center for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) has taken a step towards fruit and vegetable production: a greenhouse surrounded by many open spaces, including parks, can be used and other green spaces, terraces or even attics of city buildings.

Greendomo Project

Companies working together with the Spanish Feder-Innter-conecta program and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) have developed a revolutionary production strategy for the production of fruits and vegetables. A novel greenhouse, a space covering parks, greenery, terraces, or urban constructions.

The next step will be to make better use of the possibilities of urban spaces with the help of larger dome-like structures, Greendomo.


About the design philosophy, technical director Juan Pardo, Greendomo project:

It shapes like a globe, triangular structure with simplest geometry, energy consumption and building material is kept minimum, which makes it excellent solar radiation absorbent and increases photosynthesis, the light energy distribution is done evenly to avoid shadowing.

Vertical cultivation of plants using a rotating column system, allows plants to grow over the year with less requirement of water, 70%. And the high rigidness of to project’s design protects the project from severe climatic conditions and pest attacks and saves the production quality of crops respective to traditional agricultural practices.

The ease of installation of it in parks, squares, and rooftops makes it more profitable than the traditional intense agricultural system.


Saving transportation, carbon foot-print restriction, better photosynthesis, efficient energy consumption, and fresh food supply, consumers pay more for fresh food, are some primary benefits of greendomo.


In the future, It will play an important role in urban agriculture and farming. However, it will require the willingness to the action from governments and innovative organizations. It can hugely contribute to food security and transform the daily lives of urban inhabitants around the world.

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