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Global Warming Poses Threat To Food Supply By Affecting Biodiversity: Experts Warn

by Awais Nawaz
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MULTAN: Many species of animals and plants were slowly dying out due to global warming and it would pose threat to food supply, said speakers in a seminar on ‘Biodiversity’ at Women University Multan (WUM), here on Tuesday.

The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, headed by Dr Maryam Zain, organized an online seminar on ‘Biodiversity and Its Impact on Environmental Pollution’. Vice Chancellor WUM Prof. Dr Uzma Quraishi chaired the seminar.

Addressing the seminar Dr Hira Kamal (Post Doctoral Research Associate from the Department of Plant Pathology, Washington State University, gave a welcome address on biodiversity and sustainable tourism. She highlighted the different types of biodiversity and the threats facing it.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Uzma Quraishi said that the United Nations’ main goal was to make the world aware of biodiversity so that the world biodiversity could be maintained and protected. Different kinds of animals, birds and plants meet the needs of one another, and their lives also depend on one another, she added.

Dr Uzma said, “The abundance of biodiversity makes earth habitable. However, ever-increasing pollution is having a devastating effect on environment, resulting in extinction of many species of animals and plants”.


The speakers stressed the need to address the issues pertaining to biodiversity. They said that global warming was causing significant changes in the environment, adding that a recent report of the UN warned that plants, animals, flies and insects performed vital role in production of human food.

“If such important species of plants, animals and small creatures continue to become extinct, it will pose a serious threat to our food supply”, the speakers said. They sensitized the participants on the importance of biodiversity, and the need to fight the challenges facing it.

Dr. Saba Zafar highlighted the aims and objectives of the seminar in connection with the Biodiversity Day.

Certificates were also distributed among the participants of the seminar.


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