Get A Taste Of Sheshan Bamboo Shoots, The Emperor’s Favorite Snack

The 19th Shanghai Sheshan Bamboo Shoot Festival is currently underway at the Sheshan National Forest Park in Shanghai.

In the wake of the spring rains, fresh bamboo shoots “the Emperor’s Favorite Snack” are springing up all over Sheshan National Forest Park in the Songjiang district of Shanghai where the 19th Shanghai Sheshan Bamboo Shoot Festival is currently underway.

Bamboo shoots grown on Sheshan Mountain are famous for their delicate orchid fragrance and were granted the name of Lan Sun, literally orchid bamboo shoot, by Chinese Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722). He loved the taste of Sheshan bamboo shoots so much that he wrote Lan Sun Shan (in English, orchid bamboo shoot mountain) on a plaque and gave it to Sheshan Mountain.

Now is the best time to go for a spring outing at Sheshan National Forest Park and to taste the delicious bamboo shoot dishes being offered at the Sheshan hotels. You can also participate in various activities during the bamboo shoot festival, which runs to April 5.

At Tianma Mountain Garden, the festival’s main venue, visitors can try their hand at digging up bamboo shoots, admire the practical and artistic bamboo handicrafts, as well as have a look at the dancing that takes place between bamboo poles laid on the ground.

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