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Gartenbau Vogel opens new greenhouse for bell pepper cultivation

by Graeme Hammer
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A few weeks ago, Gartenbau Vogel started growing bell peppers. In a new 1.5 ha Venlo greenhouse in Papenburg Germany, developed and built by Bosman Van Zaal GmbH. The glass greenhouse was specially designed for this cultivation based on the wishes and requirements of owner Patrick Vogel. He was supported in this by horticultural specialist Thomas Bauer of the German Bosman Van Zaal GmbH branch in Geldern.

Bell pepper cultivation
The cultivation of bell pepper is new for this German nursery, which has been in existence for almost 60 years and is currently run by the third generation. Gartenbau Vogel is mainly known for the production of garden herbs and ornamental plants. The decision to now also add the cultivation of bell pepper is based on the demand from the regional market.


Venlo greenhouse and climate installations
Vogel has opted for a glass Venlo greenhouse with a roof width of 8 meters, which offers space for six rows of bell pepper. The greenhouse is equipped with all relevant installations for growing bell pepper. The heating, CO2 installation, and screen system were also supplied and installed by Bosman Van Zaal, and the additional installations were integrated into the greenhouse in collaboration with other horticultural specialists.

Vogel Gartenbau
Vogel Gartenbau Vogel KG is located in Papenburg and is managed by Patrick Vogel, grandson of the founder. The team consists of 27 employees. The nursery focuses mainly on the production of garden herbs and ornamental plants in greenhouses and outdoors. But has recently also become a producer and supplier of bell peppers. The company aims to deliver high-quality products as fresh as possible so that the consumer can experience the finest taste and sensory experience.


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