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Export Of Rice From Pakistan Increases 33 Pc In 11 Months Of FY 21-22

by Awais Nawaz
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KARACHI: The export of rice from Pakistan witnessed 33 percent increase during first 11 months of fiscal year 2021-22 as more than 4.4 million metric ton of rice exported to different countries.

According to data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan earned $ 2,276 million by exporting rice during July May 2021-22 that show 22.62 percent increase in terms of value.

In the corresponding period of previous fiscal year Pakistan exported 3.367 million metric ton rice worth $ 1,856 million, the PBS data stated.

The export quantity of Basmati rice during July-May 2021-22 was recorded 690,562 M.T which earned Pakistan $ 632.5 million that is 25.24 % higher in terms of quantity while 24.75 % higher in terms of value compared to July May 2020-21.

In the 11 months of previous fiscal year 551,373 M.T Basmati rice worth $ 507 million were exported, the data shown.


The export of other varieties of rice also increased 34.32 % in terms of quantity and 21.81 % in terms of value as 3.78 M.T of other varieties of rice worth $ 1,643.5 million were sent abroad in 11 months of 2021-22.

The export of other varieties of rice stood at 2.8 million M.T that worth $ 1,349 million during 11 months of FY 2020-21.

As per PBS data total export of rice during May 2022 remained 425,821 M.T that worth $ 224.7 million. Compared to May 2021 export of rice witnessed 140% and 111 % increase in terms of quantity and value respectively as 177,112 M.T of rice worth $ 106 million were exported during May 2021.

The data further indicated that export of Basmati rice remained 61,662 M.T and of other varieties 364,159 M.T which earned Pakistan $ 60.7 million and $ 164 million respectively.


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