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Estonian strawberry prices rise to €15 per kilo

by Graeme Hammer
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A kilogram of fresh domestic Estonian strawberries cost €15 at Tallinn’s Central Market on Monday, over seven times more than the June 2021 average of €2.12 per kilogram. It’s mid-June already, but it still isn’t easy to find domestic strawberries. Just one counter at Tallinn’s Central Market was selling Asia variety strawberries at a price of €15 per kilo. These berries, grown under a cover, came from Lätte Farm in Tartu County, which sells its produce primarily to Tallinn and Tartu.

Lätte Farm CEO Viljar Varrik told ERR that they began harvesting two days ago and that their yield is increasing daily. Kärt Karhunen of Tartu County’s Lemmatu Berry Farm said that their berry harvest has even been doing relatively well. While some strawberry blossoms fell prey to a cool spring and berries were late to ripen, they began harvesting berries of the early Flair variety on May 20.

Lemmatu Berry Farm is currently selling their early strawberries on site at the farm for €10 per kilo; last week, they cost €14.

Source: news.err.ee


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