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1. The use of X-ray irradiated flies for pest management is an example of:
2. The most important reason for the success of insects as a group is probably
3. The most important vectors (transmission agents) of human disease would probably be
4. Ants are:
5. Insects are considered to be beneficial because they are
6. For their size, insects are much stronger than man because
7. The notion that preservation of one species (often a “charismatic” organism that acts as a “flagship species”) may aid in the preservation of many others is often called:
8. Some of the evolutionary advantages of social behavior include:
9. Insects are thought to be so very successful because of
10. Family of the Droscha magniferae:
11. The greatest threat to biodiversity in terms of the percentage of species affected is:
12. Mosquito males locate females by using:
13. What is the mode of action of organophosphate insecticides?
14. Honey bee caste determination is:
15. The equilibrium level in an insect population:
16. Pathogen derived resistance refers to:
17. Worker honey bees in a colony:
18. More than 500 species of insects are currently resistant to one or more pesticides. How are insects able to resist the toxic action of pesticides?
19. You find something crawling on your dog that looks like a small flat brown bug; it has eight legs. It is:
20. Termites differ from honeybees in that they:
21. Another name for an insect walking leg is:
22. A spray that kills insects when they touch it is called
23. Family of the Pectinophora gossypiella:
24. Family of the Emmalocera deprcsella:
25. The modified hind wings in flies (used for balance) are called:
26. Family of the Bemisia tabaci:
27. Family of the Spodoptera litura:
28. An example(s) of a relative method to assess economic threshold levels for an insect pest is:
29. The highest, or most developed, form of sociality among insects is referred to as:
30. The two most important structural insect pests in urban situations are:


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