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Efficient CO2 dosing using calculation tool

by Graeme Hammer
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With today’s high energy prices, making the right decisions surrounding gas is becoming increasingly important. This also applies in the summer when CO2 is dosed. In addition, there are many questions about policy and the availability of pure CO2 now and in the future. During a meeting for greenhouse horticulture growers on 24 May in Asten, many questions were answered, and ideas were shared, Mark Meijers of Glastuinbouw Nederland shares in a report on Kas als Energiebron.

During the meeting, Dennis Medema of Glastuinbouw Nederland explained the future availability of CO2. The alternatives for the availability of CO2 were also discussed, such as the supply of CO2 by waste processing. This offers perspective. Growers are enthusiastic about extracting CO2 from the air themselves. This is an option that deserves attention.

When to dose CO2?
Arie de Gelder of Wageningen University Research Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture continued the meeting with the background of the influence of CO2 on the assimilation of the plant. He discussed the moment when CO2 dosing has the greatest effect and referred to the calculation tools at Greenhouse as a Source of Energy. Especially the ventilation speed is important for CO2 dosing.


Calculation tool
Jeroen Boonekamp of B-MEX explained the CO2 tool OCAP in detail. This tool was developed by B-MEX together with OCAP to use CO2 more efficiently in cultivation. Examples were used to show what the module can do. Together with Kas als Energiebron, we are looking at how this tool can be better adapted to cultivation. For this, input from the growers is needed. This will be taken up in the coming period. The visitors indicated that there is a need for autonomous systems that can provide them with optimum support.

All presentations of 24 May can be viewed at Kas als Energiebron.

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