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Delayed bell pepper production in Campania

by Graeme Hammer
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“Our bell pepper summer campaign is around 20 days late due to the abnormal weather in spring, with frost that delayed growing. We are currently handling small volumes, and we are waiting for things to pick up in one week’s time,” explains Antonio Coletti (in the photo), president of Ortoprimizie from Francolise (Caserta), as well as sales and production manager.

“The summer vegetable campaign is also late, especially that of zucchini, cucumbers, and eggplants. So far, however, quality and quantity are good.”


The Ortoprimizie cooperative was set up in 2009 after a journey with other producers led by the Coletti family, which boasted thirty years of experience in this sector. Ortoprimizie specializes in vegetables, particularly eggplants, bell peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers. It handles 12 thousand tons of vegetables each a year. 

“Our markets of reference are mainly the Italian one (80%) and northern and eastern Europe for the remaining part, while our main sales channel is the big retail chain, though few quantities are also destined to the H&R sector.”

In addition to the products that constitute the company’s core business, the assortment widens to include seasonal products such as green beans and pinto beans in the summer and white and roman cauliflowers, barese broccoli, and turnip greens in the fall-winter. The production holds the GlobalGAP, Grasp, and IFS certifications. 



“We want to make our production as sustainable as possible, especially from an environmental point of view. I am deeply convinced of the importance and effectiveness of integrated control in agriculture. We are currently turning our greenhouse production organic, so starting from January 2023, organic eggplants, bell peppers, zucchini, and cucumbers will be available. In the future, we would like to also introduce a zero-residue line.”


Interacting with the ecosystem and harvesting products by giving back what is needed to restart the rhythm of production season after season: this is Ortoprimizie’s mission. The corporate vision is shaped by choices rooted in the agricultural tradition and combined with technological development. Growing with the help of technical-industrial innovations and distributing high-quality products obtained without harmful substances is the daily commitment of those who aim to grow in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Ortoprimizie processes the produce a few minutes after harvesting. It checks the grade and washes the vegetables and packages according to requests. The warehouse covers 3400 sq m and boasts 2 cold storage cells, 2 mechanical processing lines, and an automatic washing and drying tank. Logistics is managed with innovative organization systems that guarantee a punctual and swift sorting of orders. 

“The company is investing in a solar plant for the self-production of electricity and in new machinery for the processing warehouse with the aim of increasing product performance so that it can meet retailer demands.” 

For further information:
Soc. Coop. Agr. Ortoprimizie
Strada Prov. Sparanise Mondragone, snc
81050 Francolise (CE) – Italy
+39 0823 740200
[email protected]

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