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De Bakker Westland chooses save pipe rail trolleys

by Graeme Hammer
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De Bakker Westland is a modern tomato grower in Kwintsheul, the Netherlands. They grow tomatoes in a greenhouse of 6 hectares. De Bakker Westland is a member of the growers association ‘Prominent.’ To do the crop work safely, they have chosen to invest in two new pipe rail trolleys that are in line with the newest laws and regulations.

On the left Wouter Steenks and on the right Roel de Bakker

De Bakker Westland a unique company
Besides growing tomatoes, de Bakker Westland is a very enterprising company. Lokaal Westland and Bakkie Fietsen are part of the company, for example. These side businesses bring the consumer into contact with the horticultural industry in a fun way. In addition, Bakker Westland also grows watermelons. Due to the tomato virus, part of the plants had to be cleared, and the company opted for growing watermelons as an alternative.

Pipe rail trolleys have been used for many years during crop work. However, the years are counting for these trolleys. ‘The batteries don’t work well anymore, and the trolleys sometimes stopped because of this,’ says Roel de Bakker of De Bakker Westland. To keep the process going and to make the employees work more safely, de Bakker Westland has purchased two Berkvens GL5000-D pipe rail trolleys from Steenks Service. According to Roel, these new trolleys contribute to extra motivation for the employees because they can work again with new and beautiful trolleys. The GL5000-D can go up to 5 meters, so the trolleys can also be used for maintenance in the greenhouse. Previously, the old trolleys were used for maintenance. According to Roel, you immediately notice that the new trolleys are way more stable, which makes them safer for the employees.


New pipe rail trolleys of Berkvens
The Berkvens GL5000-D is launched in February 2021. This line of trolleys meets the latest European law and regulations to make sure that the trolleys are safe to work with. Protections, sensors, and good construction ensure compliance with legislation. According to Wouter Steenks of Steenks Service, the trolleys are very innovative: ‘The trolleys are developed in such a way that they are low in maintenance and easy to use. For this reason, the trolleys could be used to do the crop work as efficiently as possible in a safe way’. At this moment, it is hard to order new products due to the high prices of raw materials and long delivery times. However, the pipe rail trolleys could be delivered by Wouter himself the day after ordering. Roel de Bakker is very happy with the fast delivery and personal service. You can see how this works via: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/nRp9BazaAk8.

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