Cuban Bartenders Making Cocktails Using Native-Plants

Two bartenders in Caribbean Island have decided to use local plants to fulfill the shortage of liquor or syrups for making cocktails.

Malva de caballo, Flor de Majagua, Orozuz de la Tierra, or Abre Caminos are some species, linked with the Santeria-rituals, which the Bartender Association in Havana use as some ingredients for their cocktail recipes. Morejon says:

“Cuba is currently like a gold-mine with a lot of un-tapped resourcess, we work with the land as part of our project. In another-country we could be two more bartenders. ”

A year ago, they started a project with the Island Bartenders’ Association and started a company to sell syrups from their plants.

Together with experts from the Cuban Botanical-Association, they discovered approx. 50 local plants that can be used in their beverages. First, they planted and flower-beds at home, and collected missing plants from the local areas. They are now breeding the species on an outside farm in Havana.

Their two floral-creations “Exotic-Island” and “Autóctono” have been recognized and awarded at international competitions.

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