Cotton Field Pest Elimination Using Botanical Spray: Secy Agri S. Punjab

MULTAN: Spray of plant extracts or botanical mixture on the cotton crop was of vital importance to control enemy pests as it helped keep attracting predators to abolish enemy pests from the cotton crop.

This was stated by Secretary Agriculture South Punjab Saqib Ateel while inspecting a field in Rohealianwali, district Muzaffargarh.

He also noticed a sparrow’s nest at the cotton plant which became the focus of attention for visiting team.

The sparrow was founding feeding insects to her newborn children.

Instead of routine pesticides, the extracts of various plants were used as a spray in the cotton field.

The botanical spray proved beneficial as there was no pressure of enemy pests, found in the cotton field.

Extracts of different plants including “Neem, Kortuma, Oak, Tobacco” etc could be used as a spray-on cotton crop. It also offers an opportunity for predators to prey on enemy pests from the cotton crop.

Saqib Ateel recommended regular inspection of crops to monitor pest pressure and proposed farmers use the botanical spray in case of need.


Source: Urdu Point

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