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“Condensation prevention bags help reduce waste in fruit and vegetable supply chain”

by Graeme Hammer
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The global shipping crisis and the pandemic have resulted in longer shipping times and frequent delays for shipping containers at customs. That is why exporters pay careful attention to methods that help keep their products fresh for longer in storage or transport. Shandong AWT Bio-tech is a company that specializes in fresh-keeping solutions for fruit and vegetable suppliers. The company team developed a preservation bag in which a combination of gasses keeps fruit and vegetable products fresh for longer. Sales Manager Li explained the benefits of this product.

“We recently developed the Logfresh preservation bag, which allows the products to breathe, while the combination of gasses can be adjusted, and the formation of condensation is prevented. These preservation bags help supply the market with higher-quality fruit and vegetable products. This bag helps control the rate of the breathing process and gas exchange. The preservation bags are easily adjustable and widely applicable, and they are suitable for a wide variety of fruit and vegetable products. Preservation bags keep fruit and vegetable products fresh for longer in storage,” said manager Li.

“These bags have already been used with a variety of fruit products, especially with mangoes and bananas. Their effectiveness is remarkable. The preservation bags keep the fruit fresh for longer without affecting the flavor. Under regular conditions, the use of preservation bags can extend the storage life of fresh products by 1.5-3 times.”


When asked about the advantages of this product, manager Li replied: “Active components in the bag absorb moisture and reduce surface tension on the packaging material. Before the droplets of moisture form on the inside of the packaging material, the active components disperse the moisture into a fine layer that does not further scatter incoming light and does not block one’s line of sight. That is how the packaging material prevents condensation from being formed inside the bag. That is where our packaging differs from others.”

“In addition, the Logfresh preservation bag can provide a suitable humidity level. Fruit and vegetables can not lose too much moisture, or they will become moldy and spoil. A suitable humidity level can prevent the growth of fungi. Furthermore, we treat the packaging material with antibacterial injections to effectively prevent fruit from spoiling in transport or storage.”


“Our Logfresh preservation bag has huge potential for the preservation of fruit and vegetables in transport and in storage. Our product slows down the aging process that begins after harvest and helps reduce the risk of plant disease in storage. Clients who use our preservation bags can expand their market or extend their sales season. In addition, our products reduce waste during the supply chain.”



Shandong AWT Bio-tech specializes in the development and production of preservation technology, preservation injections, ripening stimulants, and preservation material for the fruit and vegetable industries. The company also provides equipment to facilitate informatization in the industry. Their product range is extensive and includes 36 registered patents. “Our products are already available for sales in Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, Ecuador, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Serbia.”

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