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Chinese cauliflower seeds are blooming in Pakistan

by Graeme Hammer
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Cauliflower is part of daily consumption in Pakistan. By planting Chinese cauliflower seeds, which were developed in north China’s Tianjin Municipality, local Pakistan farmers can earn a 50 percent higher profit compared to planting cauliflower seeds imported from other countries.

It was at an international seed fair in 2014 where Sun Deling, a leading cauliflower breeding expert with the Tianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences, saw that Pakistani seed importers were really interested in the performance of Chinese seeds.

Sun decided to seize the opportunity and took some Chinese cauliflower seeds to Pakistan for breeding tests, but local climatic conditions posed difficulties in germination. In order to improve the integration level of breeding, seed production, and promotion, Sun forged a collaboration with Tianjin Tianlong Zaitian Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which has been engaged in crop promotion in South Asia for many years.

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