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China: “We hope that fresh-flower preservation cards will replace ice bottles and make life easier for fresh-flower distributors”

by Graeme Hammer
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Although the global pandemic is improving, there are still many limits on transporting flowers and plants. Transport costs are rising, and air freight is declining in volume. Keeping flowers and plants fresh during logistical difficulties is an important question for the industry. Manager Wang of Shandong AWT Bio-tech recently talked about the fresh-keeping card that can help solve this situation.

“Distributors often use low temperatures to keep flowers fresh during transport or in storage. However, we have launched the LogFresh fresh-keeping card that inhibits the breathing process in fresh flowers. This method is more effective and can potentially replace low temperatures or iced bottles, a method often used in China, as the main method of keeping flowers fresh,” said manager Wang. “The LogFresh card is our main product targeted at fresh-keeping solutions for fresh flowers. This product has shown exceptional effectiveness in keeping flowers fresh.”

Save on weight and space, and reduce transport costs
“People in the industry here in China often use iced bottles that weigh around 1 kg. In addition to the weight, these bottles also take up a lot of space. Moreover, every box of fresh flowers requires about 2-3 iced bottles to effectively keep the flowers fresh. The LogFresh fresh-keeping card is only 6cm long and 3.5cm wide. The weight of this card is negligible. And depending on the size of the packaging, the number of cards per box can be adjusted. Clients simply place the cards between the flowers and seal the box. The flowers are kept fresh while the box is sealed. LogFresh products can also reduce the cost of refrigerated transport and save on energy costs during transport.”


Keep flowers fresh for longer
Adding fresh-keeping cards during refrigerated transport is more effective than only using refrigerated transport or iced bottles to lower the temperature. According to manager Wang, “We have experimented with different fresh-keeping cards for different flower varieties and concluded that the fresh-keeping cards are most effective for carnations, chrysanthemum, Chinese bellflower, roses, lilies, tulips, China pink, and Baby’s Breath. The combination of fresh-keeping cards and refrigerated transport together extend the shelf-life of fresh flowers by more than a week.”

A convenient solution for distributors
In addition to keeping flowers fresh for longer, the LogFresh fresh-keeping card also offers distributors more flexibility. “Fresh-keeping cards can be used in any situation: place the cards between the flowers in the box prior to transport, or add the fresh-keeping card to a bouquet for retail, without disrupting the beauty of the flowers. The fresh-keeping card lightens the retail pressure on fresh flowers because the flowers stay fresh for longer, and retailers do not have to quickly sell the flowers in a short period of time before the product quality deteriorates,” said manager Wang.


The fresh-keeping cards keep the flowers fresh for longer, not just during transport and retail but also in consumers’ homes. Shandong AWT Bio-tech has more than 25 years of experience with the research and development of fresh-keeping products for the fruit and vegetable industries. The company team works hard to study the physiology of flowers, fruit, and vegetables after harvest and develop appropriate fresh-keeping technologies. Some of the products include fresh-keeping cards for flowers, fresh-keeping injections for apples, and fresh-keeping pads for grapes. Shandong AWT Bio-tech is a leading company in the field of fresh-keeping technology. Their products are sold in a number of countries across the globe, and the company team is always looking for strategic partners interested in cooperation.


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