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China Allocates 432 Million Yuan For Agricultural Flood Relief

by Doreen Ware
China Allocates 432 Million Yuan For Agricultural Flood Relief

On August 2, China’s agriculture ministry announced the allocation of 432 million yuan ($60 million) in flood relief funds to aid agricultural output in eight provinces, including Hebei, which were impacted by heavy rainfall from typhoon Doksuri.

The funds will be used for replanting crops in flooded regions and acquiring essential supplies to restore agricultural production.

According to the agriculture ministry’s Tuesday report, farmlands in southern Hebei, northern Henan, and western Shandong provinces are experiencing waterlogging, and the situation is expected to worsen over the next ten days.

In some areas, corn crops have been severely submerged, with only the tops of the plants visible above the water, as shown in videos on the Chinese video social media platform Kuaishou on Wednesday.

The location tag on the clips indicated they were from the southern Hebei city of Baoding.


On Tuesday, the agriculture ministry issued a warning regarding potential outbreaks of pests and crop diseases due to the heavy rainfall brought by the typhoon.

The regions at risk include both southern and northern China, and crops such as rice, corn, and soybeans could be affected.

At a meeting on flood and disaster relief held on Wednesday, the ministry emphasized that agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation are still facing significant challenges, given the expected unfavorable weather conditions in the future.

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