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CCRI to adopt drones for crop cultivation

by Asad Khan

MULTAN: Central Cotton Research Institute (CCRI) Director Dr Zahid Mahmood has said drone technology would be used during a training program on cotton production, which would take place on June 11.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, he said that small drones would test cotton disease and pest conditions in experimental cotton fields, using agricultural fungicides. Hundreds of farmers are expected to attend the event as per the statement.

“This technology is of special importance with regards to agricultural poisons, monitoring the deficiencies of herbs, harmful pest nutrients, smooth irrigation and increasing the quality and yield of cotton production,” said Dr Mahmood.

He added that with the help of drone technology, soil health, moisture level and the actual condition of cotton fields could be ascertained. Based on this data, the correct agricultural interventions would be possible, he maintained.

He said that admission for all cotton growers and other stakeholders was absolutely free.

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