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Canadian greens distributor launches new salad kit line

by Graeme Hammer
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The Star Group’s Inspired Greens, a Canadian living lettuce brand, is set for an early July launch of a line of side salads. Five new salads will be available in kits that include a base of Inspired Greens lettuce complemented by house-made dressings, vegetables, dairy, protein, and other toppings in a convenient shake-and-serve kit.

“We are so excited to launch this new line,” said Rindi Bristol, The Star Group’s senior director in charge of its lettuce operations. “These salads are delicious and satisfying. They’re hand-crafted by our culinary team, right down to the small-batch dressings, and they’re also convenient. We’re all leading busy lives, and this is a healthy grab-and-go item that fits into packed schedules.”

Left to right: the Baja Ensalada, Harvest Feta salads. 

The line will launch with five new salads: Lucky Wonton, Dilly Bacon Caesar, Harvest Feta, Baja Ensalada, and McGregor’s Garden.
“Our philosophy when designing this line was to take classic, beloved salad recipes and breathe some new life into them,” said Bristol. “Like the Dilly Bacon Caesar, which is the familiar Caesar salad with just the right hint of tangy dill, or McGregor’s Garden, which takes a classic garden salad with fresh radishes, carrots, Inspired Greens, and grape tomatoes and refreshes it with cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds, and a buttermilk chive dressing.”


The salads, which will be available in most major Canadian grocers this summer, also boast a 12-day shelf life thanks to packaging that keeps all of the salad components separated. All five salads are expected to retail for under $9 each.

“We had an eye on affordability from the beginning,” said Bristol. “Canadians’ household budgets are strained, and so we wanted to create delicious, gourmet salads but with a keen eye to convenience and affordability. We are excited to see Canadians make these items part of their meal-planning this summer to add healthy, simple side dishes and lunches without breaking the bank.”

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