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Canada Governments Actively Supporting Indigenous Farmers in Agriculture

by Doreen Ware
Canada Governments Actively Supporting Indigenous Farmers in Agriculture

Canada and Manitoba governments aim to create opportunities for Indigenous people in agriculture and agri-food sectors. They plan to utilize the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) to fund initiatives that address barriers and enhance opportunities for Indigenous participation.

The announcement was made on July 31st by federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Manitoba Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson.

MacAulay emphasizes the importance of equipping Indigenous communities with agricultural knowledge, skills, and technology to enhance their participation in the agricultural economy.

He acknowledges the diverse and unique realities of Indigenous communities and highlights the flexibility of the announced programs to address their specific needs. Fostering partnerships with Indigenous Peoples will promote inclusive growth in the agri-food sector and contribute to economic reconciliation.

The Sustainable CAP funds will be allocated to projects falling under four streams: consulting activities, training activities, enhancing Indigenous food system activities, and capital equipment and software activities.


Johnson anticipates a wide range of projects, tailored to meet the unique needs of individual communities. He emphasizes the significance of food security and sovereignty, with the funding streams empowering communities to develop food system solutions that enhance access to affordable and nutritious food.

These initiatives will also create economic opportunities through sustainable and culturally respectful practices. The government aims to address barriers to Indigenous participation in agriculture and agri-food by funding projects that improve access to training, capacity-building, capital investments, food system development, agriculture planning, and youth involvement.

Applications for the program are open and will be accepted until October 27th.

To access the full press release from the government of Manitoba, click on the provided link.

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