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BioTherm and their newest cultivation climate technologies at Greentech

by Graeme Hammer
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BioTherm is happy to represent new developments in the Heating and Optimized Air divisions at Greentech in Amsterdam. Alongside their new AC/Dehu units, they present Roll’N Grow, an innovative and efficient way to provide root zone heating to growing beds, benches, or floors. 

BioTherm started in 1980, so they are celebrating 42 years in the horticulture industry this year. The company is based in Cotati, California. “Our first invention was microclimate heating, and we were happy when that took off from our little startup,” says Jim Rearden, co-founder. “We never dreamed that BioTherm, and the horticulture industry, would grow to what they are today.”

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BT-530 Standalone Dehumidification unit


“The BT-530 Dehumidifier has been designed with the modern cultivator in mind. With power prices slowly rising and cultivation methods changing, the BT-530 has been designed to maximize airflow and dehumidification while using less energy. In independent lab testing, the BT-530 outperforms other popular units,” Jim announced. With over 1800 CFM of airflow and 530 PPD of condensate production, the BT530 offers more dehumidification with fewer units needed overall. The BT-530 is perfect for commercial and craft or small growers.

Split Dehumidification Units

BioTherm’s Split Dehumidification Units connect to a remote condensing unit to allow for reheating the air back to the space or rejecting the heat to the outside and cooling the indoor environment. On-board controls automatically switch from dehumidification to cooling mode based on inputs from the space sensors. When using split dehumidifiers, the remote condensing unit allows for the heat absorbed during the dehumidification process to be rejected back outside rather than back into the space and provides cooling. This offsets the heat from lighting systems, solar heat, and other equipment heat gains.


Roll’N Grow


Roll’N Grow is a root zone heating product that makes crop production more efficient while improving plant quality. “Simply roll the mat out, connect the heat source, and start to grow. Roll’N Grow makes it easy to apply root zone heating to growing beds, benches, or floors. Like a carpet, Roll’N Grow rolls out over your growing surfaces to supply growth-enhancing heat in a fraction of the time it used to take,” he explains. Rootzone heating impacts disease suppression, production time, plant development, and even fuel – and it’s never been easier to give your plants the heat they need.


Rootzone heating benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Increased production
  • More compact plants
  • Reduced disease issues

Roll’N Grow Nominated for Greenhouse Grower’s Technology of the Year Award 2022. The award is presented annually to greenhouse industry suppliers who are developing new or time-tested innovations in the horticultural industry. 

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