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AJK Sericulture Dept Hosts 2nd Capacity Building Workshop

by Awais Nawaz
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MIRPUR: Jun 05 (APP):To ensure poverty alleviation in Azad Jammu Kashmir under phased integrated programme, the Department of Sericulture, Poonch University, National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) and NGO AKHUWAT Foundation to establish coordination for exchange of mutual cooperation and know-how for poverty alleviation, women empowerment and environmental protection through silkworm rearing and mulberry plantation in the State.

Decision to this effect was taking at the 2nd day-long capacity building workshop of existing and intending farmers hosted by Azad Jammu Kashmir Sericulture Department at Hamalya International Rest House in Rawalakot Divisional Headquarter of Poonch that concluded late Saturday.

The Sericulture farmers from various parts of Poonch division including from district s of Haveli Kahota, Bagh, Tetrinote Hajeera, Sudhnoti and Poonch participated sharing their practical experiences and benefits through securing due overall professional training most particularly in silkworm rearing.

The holding of the grand event was aimed at to attract maximum participation of the existing and intending farmers in the silk cocoon production with the due technical assistance and support of the Azad Jammu Kashmir Sericulture Department and other related State functionaries for making them self-reliant financially.

Experts strongly recommended to encourage and promote the Sericulture industry in Azad Jammu Kashmir for its being the strong source of the economy following maximum participation of the intending farmers in view of the huge required natural potential across the liberated territory.


Besides the farmers, the experts from different related professional fields including faculty members of Poonch University Rawalakot, local senior officials of the State Agriculture Department, State Women Development Department, NRSP, AKHWAT, AJK TEVTA, AJK PID, Commerce and Industries Deptt. including Dr Ghulam Haider Kazmi, Prof. Ms Naila Nazir of Entomology Department University of Poonch, Prof. Dr Muhammad Imran. Prof. Dr Umar Ayyaz Shaikh, Ms Mehnaz Akram Assistant Director Agriculture, Ms Fardous Kousar from State Women Development Deptt. , Raja Alaudin District Information Officer AJK PID, Rizwan Ulla Khan Entomologist Sericulture Deptt. , Masoud Tahir Deputy Director Sericulture Deptt, Fahd Kyani AD Sericulture Deptt. Salaar Mehmood ASDO Haveeli Kahouta, Abu Daoud ASDO Sudhnoti, Ms Saira Parveen AJK TEVTA Poonch, Muhammad Habib Area Manager NRSP Poonch, Naveed Ahmad Area Manager AKHUWAT Foundation Poonch, Muhammad Mushtaq farmers’ representative, Absar Shah farmers representative Bagh, Khawaja M Rafique farmers’ Rep.

from Haveli Kahouta district, M Naheem farmers Rep from. Sudhnoti, M Adeel, farmers Representative from Tetrinote Hajeera and others also attended.

Addressing the ceremony speakers including Director AJK Sericulture Department CSyed Ali Asghar Shah and experts said that since huge required natural potential and conducive environment was available for the promotion of the sericulture industry in Azad Jammu Kashmir, the maximum participation of farmers in this industry through producing the silk cocoon with the due support and assistance by the State Sericulture department could make them economically progressive and prosperous since it was the best income-generating source in the State.

The AJK Sericulture Department Director Syed Ali Asghar Shah invited the farmers to participate in the sector producing the silk cocoon for onward selling on their own to the silk yarn industry to make them self supported financial being one of the attractive sources of their income. He underlined that the Sericulture Department was providing due basic assistance including the supply of free of cost silk seed to the farmers during the concerned seasons across Azad Jammu Kashmir besides the mulberry leaves and other due needs.


He said that identical capacity building workshops were being hosted in all other parts of AJK to attract maximum participation of the farmers in the Sericulture Industry in the State.


It may be added that the Sericulture Department was established in Azad Jammu Kashmir in 1950 by its founding father and illustrious expert of the field (Late) Mr. Abdul Hamid Nizami’s after his induction as head of the department by the AJK Government after he migrated from Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir to AJK in 1949 following his long professional experience and full command being a seasoned officer of the State Sericulture Department in IIOJK in pre-1947 regime.


This APP Correspondent understands that the Sericulture industry was rapidly flourishing across the AJK State following implementation of phased integrated program launched by the existing management of the AJK Sericulture department, harmonious to the need of the modern age.

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