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1. The most important reason for the success of insects as a group is probably
2. Isolation during seed production is done by:
3. The somatic phase in Myxomycetous fungus is called
4. The edible part of potato is?
5. Family of the Pectinophora gossypiella:
6. Water melon for seed should be harvested when
8. The top soil layer of ____ cm is considered the principle feeding zone of most of agricultural crops.
9. The most important vectors (transmission agents) of human disease would probably be
10. Cross pollination is essential in following type of vegetables.
11. A fungus producing 8 spores ina sac like structure should rightly be placed in
12. Which one is used to raise PH and correct the acidity of soils?
13. Which one is not the method for eradication of water logging?
14. Barani area counts for ______ % of total area in Punjab.
15. In the presence of chlorophyll, simple sugars are synthesized from
16. The common food stored in fungi is
17. What type of mulches reduce soil temperature?
18. The surface area of _____ soil particle is high.
19. The objective of tillage is to:
20. Approaches to biological control tactics include classical, augmentative and conservation. Classical biological control is the:
21. Which of the following disease is caused by plasmopara?
22. Wart disease of potato is caused by
23. The modified hind wings in flies (used for balance) are called:
24. C:N ratio which results in net mineralization is
25. Soil texture refers to
26. Insects are thought to be so very successful because of
27. The use of X-ray irradiated flies for pest management is an example of:
28. Most salt tolerant fodder is_______.
29. The most common pollinator insect in Pakistan is
30. Pakistani soils have average o.m content
31. The soils having organic matter more than 50% are called _________.
32. Production of seeds without fertilization is termed as:
33. All fungi are
34. Mosquito males locate females by using:
35. Another name for an insect walking leg is:
36. The soil particle with ______ mm diameter move by suspension.
37. EC for alkaline soils is less than _____ mmhos/cm.
38. What is the mode of action of organophosphate insecticides?
39. Saline sodic/sodic soils can be reclaim by using
40. Which one is not a practice of controlling water erosion?
41. The laterally biflagellated zoospores are usually
42. The particle larger than 1 mm in diameter _______.
43. The uptake of NH4+ by the plant roots result in the release of
44. Termites differ from honeybees in that they:
45. Most of the hybrid watermelon and cucumber are:
46. In soils _____ act as commenting agent.
47. The strips laid along the counter at the right angle to the natural direction of the slope is called _______.
48. Quarantine of an insect pest involves:
49. Potato is generally propagated through
50. A sclerotium produced by fungi is
51. Most of following category crops are shallow rooted
52. Which one is not a type of soil movement by wind?
53. The sexual reproduction in lower fungi is usually
54. Family of the Spodoptera litura:
55. There are _____ link canals in Pakistan.
56. Ants are:
57. It is not part of any structural organic compound within plant body
58. Pathogen derived resistance refers to:
59. Albugo candida is an example of
60. Heterothalism was discovered by


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