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1. Deep rooted vegetables require:
2. The process of removing the excess soluble salts or excess exchange sodium from soils is called ______.
3. The highest, or most developed, form of sociality among insects is referred to as:
4. A spray that kills insects when they touch it is called
5. One cusec is equal to ______ gallons.
6. The surface area of _____ soil particle is high.
7. Which of the following is present both in Rhizopus and Funaria?
8. Termites differ from honeybees in that they:
9. Hybrid vigor in vegetables is manifested by
10. Which of the following disease is caused by plasmopara?
11. The velocity necessary to start the first particle moving is called _______.
12. Phosphorus availability in most of the soils is in the pH range
13. More than 500 species of insects are currently resistant to one or more pesticides. How are insects able to resist the toxic action of pesticides?
14. It is not part of any structural organic compound within plant body
15. _______ is mechanical manipulation of soil to provide soil conditions suitable for crop growth.
16. All fungi are
17. Exchangeable sodium per centage for saline soils is ______.
18. Which one is example of natural mulch?
19. If a bag of fertilizer is labeled “23-19-17” , then it
20. Which one is used to raise PH and correct the acidity of soils?
21. CO3 and HCO3 are absent in soils.
22. For their size, insects are much stronger than man because
23. The most common pollinator insect in Pakistan is
24. Saline sodic/sodic soils can be reclaim by using
25. Barani area counts for ______ % of total area in Punjab.
26. Which of the following causes white spots on leaves and hypertrophied floral parts.
27. Soil texture refers to
28. A sclerotium produced by fungi is
29. Which one is not a practice of water conservation?
30. The zoospore in synchytrium is
31. Nitrates are absorbed at pH below ___________:
32. Insects are considered to be beneficial because they are
33. In grasshoppers, the sclerite on the front of the head located between the frons & the labrum is
34. Soluble salts are less than 0.2% in_______.
35. The laterally biflagellated zoospores are usually
36. The soils having organic matter more than 50% are called _________.
37. Insects are thought to be so very successful because of
38. Application of agronomic principle to the solution of soil and water management is called ________.
39. Which one is not the cause of Water Logging?
40. Motile asexual reproductive bodies are called
41. What is the mode of action of organophosphate insecticides?
42. Fruit of following vegetables is edible:
43. Honey bee caste determination is:
44. The objective of tillage is to:
46. Cross pollination is essential in following type of vegetables.
47. The fungi, which have many common features with algae especially in the thallus structure and reproduction, have been placed in class
48. ___________ = % sand + % silt % clay
49. There are _____ link canals in Pakistan.
50. Damping off of seedling is caused by
51. Phosphorus retention in soil is more if there is a dominance of
52. Clean tilled crops ______ erosion.
53. In the presence of chlorophyll, simple sugars are synthesized from
54. Haustoria’s are produced by
55. Which one is not the method for eradication of water logging?
56. Potato is generally propagated through
57. If salinity is up to ____ mmhos/cm its effect mostly negligible.
58. What type of mulches reduce soil temperature?
59. Among the following the most salt tolerant crop is________.
60. Family of the Bemisia tabaci:


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