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Affinor hires Grant Writing team

by Graeme Hammer
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Affinor Growers announced that it has hired Elite Agri Solutions to prepare grant applications for federal and provincial governments.

Elite Agri Solutions is a Canadian consulting company specializing in grant management within the agri-food sector. Working on a success-based fee structure, Elite Agri Solutions assists companies by creating the strongest possible grant applications to maximize the chances of receiving funding.

Affinor is in the process of permitting their new proprietary greenhouse, the “Atlantis,” which will accommodate growing strawberries, romaine lettuce, kale, and spinach in soil or hydroponic at 8 levels. This is double the current 4-level towers, substantially decreasing costs and increasing yield.

Affinor CEO – Nick Brusatore commented: “Affinor Growers is looking forward to working with Elite Agri Solutions to access available government funding for the development and commercialization of our innovative vertical cultivation technology. Elite Agri Solutions’ mantra is ‘farmers helping farmers,’ to strengthen Canada’s position as a global leader in agricultural technology.”

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