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Acotec Humidur enters into a joint venture with Jurunature

by Graeme Hammer
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As a result of the continuously growing demand for Humidur and, more recently, the revolutionary Humidur Char corrosion and PFP coatings in Asia, Acotec announced the joint venture with Jurunature Sdn Bhd. Together they will be producing the coating products at the manufacturing plant in Malaysia.

The jointly-owned company is now called Jurunature Humidur Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd.

Wim Schalley, the CEO of Acotec, said, “The official opening of Jurunature Humidur Asia Pacific is a major step in our company’s history. It is a cooperation based on mutual fit. We both share the philosophy of putting customers first and serving them in the most optimal way we can. Protecting our customer’s assets is our life goal.”


Dato’ Sri Muhammad Syafiq, Managing Director of Jurunature, added, “We are very proud to be associated with Humidur and the formation of this Joint Ownership company. The activation of this production plant demonstrates the strong commitment to maintain the quality of the Humidur and Humidur Char products. Humidur and Humidur Char offer advantages and warranties unseen in the coating industry, and this will meet well with client expectations of keeping both Capex and Opex costs down in the long term.”

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