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21-year-old student establishes hydroponics business with only P1,000

by Robert Hijmans
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With the rising prices of commodities today, a thousand pesos can only go so far. Though in the case of a 21-year-old student, a thousand pesos led to the discovery of a new passion and the establishment of his first hydroponics venture.

Armed with knowledge and background in business from academe to field, John Harold B. Zapata saw an opportunity in the convenience and minimal requirements of hydroponics. After stumbling upon a video on hydroponics with his father in April 2021, he decided to try his hand at soilless farming. 

With less than P1,000 in starting capital, he bought plastic scraps, seeds, cups, and coco peat. The other materials he used early on were repurposed, including the grape boxes he got from a friend who’s a market vendor. 

Due to a lack of resources, he and his father constructed his hydroponic greenhouses themselves. After repeated harvests, the young farmer is increasingly confident of the venture’s potential.


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