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$12.1 million announced for agriculture genomics projects in Alberta

by Graeme Hammer
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A total of $12.1 million is being provided to 14 agriculture genomics projects in Alberta. The announcement was made on Tuesday at the Alberta Beef Industry Conference, which is being held at Red Deer’s Cambridge Hotel from June 14–15.

According to Results-Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR), genomics involves the study of the entire genetic information of living things encoded in their DNA and related molecules like proteins. Its aim is to help producers reduce the environmental footprint of farming, improve the quality of food, and enhance productivity and sustainability.

Some innovation examples in genomics, they say, include developing new crop varieties, preventing livestock and plant diseases, and improving the genetic selection of livestock and crops for traits such as drought tolerance, feed efficiency, and methane emission.

“Genomics research has a practical, real-world application that is contributing to building a more sustainable agriculture sector in Canada,” said Marie-Claude Bibeau, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. “From developing new tools, improving the quality of food we eat, to breeding more resilient crops. Our genomic researchers are the heart of advancing science and innovation so that our farmers in Alberta have the tools they need to be successful.”


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